Friday, August 19, 2011

(I Heart) We Heart Books Online

Here's an old picture to celebrate a nice new review. This was the view of my desk while I was working on a page of The Secret Plan, and my helpful cat model, Holly.

Here is a wonderful review of The Secret Plan by We Heart Books Online from Melbourne, Australia:

"Bedtime always gets in the way of the fun stuff!

Milo, a baby elephant and his kitten friends Henry, Harriet and Hildy love to play but mum saying 'Bedtime' always ruins their games. 'Bedtime! Had to be stopped!'

They need a plan - a secret plan to overcome bedtime and play all night. They try hiding, going undercover, blending in and sneaking out but are foiled by clever mum at every turn. Then they remember a certain pair of furry monster feet and Milo quietly makes a break for the attic to meet up with the kittens. 'It was the perfect late-night no-bedtime-ever hideout'

After some play and a late night feast however everyone starts to get a little drowsy - perhaps it's not such a good idea to stay up late after all?

Time to hatch a new secret plan - after a little rest!

This beautiful playful picture book is the perfect bedtime read. It's funny and engaging as well as ending on the best note of everyone falling asleep dreaming of the day ahead.

Julia Sarcone-Roach's amazing acrylic illustrations are vivid and intricate. She includes cross sections of the house showing the characters moving around carrying out their various plans and the delightful end papers are blue prints of the town house - designed by 'House by Mouse'.

There are many picture books about children avoiding bedtime but none as clever and funny as this one. The illustrations are warm and snug, enveloping you like a big quilt. The illustrations and the text fit perfectly making this a comforting bedtime story that I have no doubt will become a classic."

Thank you, We Heart Books Online, for the kind and thoughtful review!

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