Thursday, March 18, 2010

Library Love

The Secret Plan was lucky to have received a couple of really lovely reviews online. The library was one of my particular favorite places to be as a kid, so I get rather excited when librarians welcome and enjoy The Secret Plan!

Jennifer, the librarian of the Jean Little Library wrote:

"Just when I thought we couldn't possibly use any more bedtime stories....I discover a new one. One which we must, must, must have!
...This isn't just a soothing bedtime story, it's a story about the magical days of childhood, when just five more minutes is never enough and the simplest things are exciting and wonderful."

One by Tasha Saecker of the Menasha Public Library in Menasha, WI.

"...This is such a winning book. The four main characters are real scamps and their plans and the outcomes are deliciously naughty and very funny. I especially appreciated Milo blending in with the wallpaper by painting stripes on himself. Their disguise is equally funny with all of them working together. But it is the ending of the book that really makes it work. Instead of getting into any trouble in their late night escapade, they have a quiet time with books and a tea party in the attic. There is no parental outrage, no repercussions, just the immense pleasure of a late night with friends.

Sarcone-Roach’s art works very well here. Done in acrylic paint, the illustrations are rich, vivid and engaging. A lot of the humor here is visual, though the wry tone of voice of the text offers some of the laughs. The house that the animals share is wonderfully tippy and upright, filled with stairs. A great book to share for a bedtime story or a special late night read."

(You can read the whole review here.)

Thank you all for taking the time to read, review, (and like!) The Secret Plan.


  1. I LOVE elephants. I LOVE cats. And I LOVE The Secret Plan! It felt like a book that was meant for me - not just because of the elephants and cats and magical childhoods, but also because of the most wonderful pictures. I'm tempted to buy two so I can take one apart and put the pictures up on my walls. Thank you for making such lovely things! Sumi

  2. Thank you so much Sumi! I'm so happy that you liked the book! Thanks for the note!