Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Booklist Review

"Harriet, Hildy, Henry, and Milo, three kittens and a baby elephant, want nothing more than to play uninterrupted. But various nuisances continue to sidetrack them. The biggest offender is bedtime, so the friends devise a secret plan to avoid it, which doesn’t quite work out as expected but is satisfying nonetheless. This is an enjoyable, inventive offering that incorporates single- and double-page spreads focused on the activity of the four friends, as well as comic-style acryllic illustrations that include crosssections of a townhouse that allow for multiple scenes to play out at the same time. In addition, speech bubbles that indicate parents calling for the young characters literally break into the text—and, consequently, the fun—and there is a certain conspiratorial amusement as the reader or listener is allowed in on the secret plan, as long as they “don’t tell.” Charming and genuinely funny, this will appeal to a wide audience."
- Booklist

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